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Get the look of the OC right in your very own town. The looks of Marissa, Anna, Summer and the rest of the girls all for under $150! What a steal! Outfits influenced a little by my taste of course because it wouldn't be a Lydia outfit if it wasn't just a little bit wacky!

The look of The OC will be a series done by me! I will bring you a new look from a new character with each entry! Enjoy!

For you avid watchers in tonights show I fell in love with Marissa's first outfit and thought "HEY! I can create that!" So I did and all for under $100 even with shoes and accessories. How do I do it? Click and find out. You're on your way to being OC chic!

Forever 21
Tube Short Dress

long-sleeved seamless T

Forever 21
Denim Jeans

$19.90(on sale!)

Forever 21
Long Dangling Earrings With Bow Shaped Charms

Grand total of $85.30! I am on a role ladies and gentlemen! Style of the OC men soon to come!
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