hillary (hyyperactive3) wrote in oc_wannabe,

hi, ive never posted before, but im gonna start

ok everyone......does anyone else like marissa at all? i cant stand her. why does she have to ruin everything good in her life? seriously, like next week in the previews, shes gonna run away....stupid girl. and speaking of stupid? her mom and luke. just eeewww. best part of the episode this week had to be the look on seth and ryans face at the beginning when they saw julie and luke. priceless.
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hiya! i'm JD, welcome to the community

i dont relly like marissa either, she is ok sometimes. but i think she just really needs to tell luke off or something, not run away, at least thats what i would do.

loved seth and ryan's faces, i hope someone has a picture of that somewhere.

anyways, nice to me you, its good that someone is posting here.

ttyl, JD
i loathe her.
ok, i know someone's going to shoot me now, but i like Marissa. I mean, i can really understand where she's comming from.
Both of my parents are really rich, and although we haven't lost any money ... yet, i can understand how she feels.
I men, I've been friends with this guy for like eight month, and my friends are like, "you need to stay away from him. He's so much like Oliver." I just don't see that; i just think he needs some one to talk too.
I guess what i'm trying to say is that what she's going to do may not be the smartest, but everyone knew about and never told her. How can you trust that?
It's like Summer said, "she may not have the best judgement.".
the way i see it though is that ryan and seth thought it would be best if she didnt know, they didnt want to see her hurt again. it may have not been the best way to do things but they were just being her friend, and friends dont let other friends get hurt.